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Leadership Development with a Wellness Lens

Our one-time training or workshop series gives your leadership team the tools to shift culture.

Leader, Be Well: How To Be Productive & Passionate Without Burning Out

This workshop helps leaders build resilience and establish strategies for healthy habits within the workday to apply to their personal lives.


How To Build An Anti-Burnout Culture

This workshop examines critical elements of how burnout shows up in organizational culture and how leaders can build an environment to minimize burnout through practical shifts in the way they lead.

Leading People & Managing Power 

This workshop empowers leaders with tools to unlearn harmful power dynamics and embrace anti-racist leadership to foster an inclusive, equitable team environment.


Fostering a Culture of Safety & Restoration

This workshop equips leaders with the tools to create a sustainable, positive work environment using the principles of trust and psychological safety to promote healing & growth after a significant organizational shift.


Leadership Workshops

"The [Leader, Be Well] workshop allows teams to reflect on where they are and provides a starting place for avoiding burnout.

The solutions are within us. This workshop is like a prevention exercise to "build muscle"

before burnout occurs."

Kate C., Virginia

Nonprofit CEO

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