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Hi, I'm Sequoia!

I've worked in the nonprofit sector for over a decade and I've combined my love for mental wellness with my passion for leadership to create The Brilliant Lead LLC, a consulting and coaching business that transforms non-profit and other mission-based professionals into leaders who use their powers of influence for good. My nonprofit experience includes trauma-informed work, program administration, thought leadership, executive coaching, and governance. I am passionate about racial equity and integrate it into everything I do. I have a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling and leverage my knowledge of psychological well-being to equip mission-based leaders with tools to address wellness and psychological safety in the workplace.

I founded The Brilliant Lead LLC out of a growing dissatisfaction with leadership programs and organizational change strategies that originate in the corporate world but fail to resonate within mission-based organizations. Leaders motivated by mission are craving a space where they can authentically embody their values and advance their missions from within the organizations they lead and I wanted to create that for them.

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