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Call for Partner Consultants: Leadership Program Curriculum Development

Organization: The Brilliant Lead LLC


Project: Leadership Development Program for Nonprofit Leaders



The Brilliant Lead LLC, a dedicated advocate for workplace wellbeing and leadership excellence in the nonprofit sector, is seeking to partner with highly qualified consultants to collaborate on the development of a comprehensive leadership development curriculum. The program aims to empower BIPOC emerging leaders in the nonprofit youth-service sector with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles.


Scope of Work:

We are looking for experienced experts to lead the creation of 101 level session materials in the following areas:


Nonprofit Budgeting and Finance: This consultant will develop curriculum materials focused on nonprofit budgeting and finance fundamentals, equipping emerging leaders with the necessary financial literacy to make informed decisions. Content will include reading financial statements, how to build a budget with essential components, and how to project expenses.


Nonprofit Fund Development and Cultivating Donor Relationships: This consultant will be responsible for crafting curriculum content that covers fundraising strategies, building and sustaining donor relationships, and grant writing techniques within the nonprofit sector.


The client: A state-wide coalition that supports youth-serving nonprofits in the state of Indiana.  The client will own the right to the curriculum. 




Presentation content

  • Two 90-minute sessions in PowerPoint form (design not required)

  • Facilitator Script (formated for a co-facilitator model) 

  • Session Discussion Questions (including topics to discuss the specific challenges they may face as leaders of color)


Additional Supportive Content

  • A one-pager with necessary pre-reading & list of related resources and best practice research

  • Prompts for topic reflection

  • Strategies for practical application and exercises for skill development


Optional Deliverable:

Facilitating an in-person train-the-trainer session


Budget: Partner Consultants will be paid a total of $3,800 for all deliverables listed above. Consultants that choose to participate in the optional in-person training will receive a total of $5,000 with paid travel and hotel.


Project Timeline:

November 27: Project Begins

November 27 - December 1: Project Details and Goals Discussed

December 2 - January 2: Draft curriculum

January 6: Receive feedback on curriculum 

January 7 - January 15: Revise Curriculum

January 16: Submit Curriculum

February (Date TBD): In-person train-the-trainer session



An ideal consultant will possess:

- Proven expertise in their respective fields related to the nonprofit sector.

- Previous experience in curriculum development and/or facilitation preferred.

- Strong communication and writing skills.

- A commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the nonprofit sector.


Submission Requirements:

Interested parties are invited to submit the following:

1. A cover letter expressing interest and detailing relevant experience.

2. A resume highlighting qualifications.

3. Samples of previous curriculum development work, if available.


Deadline for Submissions: Nov 1

Submission Email to with "Partner Consultant Inquiry" in the subject line.


The Brilliant Lead looks forward to collaborating with you to create an impactful leadership development program for nonprofit youth-service BIPOC emerging leaders.

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